"Thank you again for presenting me with the splendidly hand-carved walking stick....I deeply appreciate having such a fine walking stick to trek through the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  I will always think of you when putting it to use."

Semper Fidelis
Maj. Gen. O. Steele    USMC Ret.
"Shawn, you did a terrific job on my walking stick.  Great detail.  Thank you"
-Angelo Thomas,  USAF  Ret.

(This stick has a combination of 30 cities, states & countries, along with Angelo's rank & service woodburned on it, the USAF emblem embedded, and a leather strap.)

"Mr. Hussey, I would like to thank you for my incredible hiking stick.  I've had nothing but compliments & inquiries about it.  My next hiking trip will be to the Smokey Mts. & you can be assured my stick will be with me every step.  Thanks again.  Great job!"

LCpl. W. Swanzy, USMC
"Just wanted to send you a Thanks for the great job you did making my hiking stick.  I take it everywhere with me... I can't believe how light-weight it is, yet as strong as any hiking stick I've ever used before.  Keep up the great work Shawn."


( J.T. now lives in Oklahoma & often visits Colorado       where he hikes the "Western Slope" of the Rockies.)

"Love my walking stick and how many different grips it has.  I walk daily along Daytona Beach and feel much safer with my stick when i do.  Thanks Shawn,  Jessica"
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