I grew up a grandson to a WWII Aviator & son to a Vietnam Era Recon Marine.  I was enrolled in Marine Corps ROTC for four years where I was taught by three different instructors.  One of my instructors was Master Gunnery SGT. William Bradley, a man who served his country for three decades, and then continued teaching students like myself.  I learned alot from these great Patriots.  I have a great respect for all those who served, and I wish to Thank You all.

My first stick was crafted in 1998 for a WWII Veteran with the engraving "Battle of the Bulge - 16th  Dec  44'  ".  My hiking/walking sticks & canes are now throughout the country among military veterans and civilians.

I hand select each stick myself.  Each piece is hand cut, peeled, sanded and crafted by hand.  I have yet to replicate a stick.   All sticks are from one species of wood that is incredibly lightweight, yet as strong as most  hardwoods.

Each stick can be personalized with wood burned engraving, embedded military emblems,  rubberized grips/ends, and leather wrist straps.  And as always, I am open to all suggestions.

I warrantee every stick for 10 years...


Craftsman Shawn Hussey on the firing range at Quantico Va. during an ROTC trip in 1984
Get children interested in nature w/ one of their own hiking or walking sticks.
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You can reach Shawn @ 386.316.5688 if you have any questions, ideas, comments or orders.
"Battle of the Bulge - 16 DEC 1944"
First stick ever crafted and woodburned by Shawn for a WWII Veteran that today has over 3,000 walking miles.
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