Straight Shaft walking sticks are perfect for those who love to get out and walk, whether it's off the beaten path,  along the beach, or in your neighborhood.  Below you will find a selection of photos from our recent pieces of work, along with pricing and accessories.  
Personalizing your Straight Shaft walking stick can be done in different ways.   Whether it be your initials or nickname wood burned, military branch emblem embedded, or the end(s) triple dipped in rubber, we can customize it just for you.  Also, these sticks  make great gifts for friends, family, scouts, trail guides, and so on.  And best of all, we guarantee them for FOUR years.
Satisfaction guaranteed  100%.
Left & Below: Custom personalized Straight Shaft that was ordered by a gentleman to be hung up as a display piece, respresenting everywhere he was stationed during his Air Force career.  This stick has over 30 countries, cities and ranks wood burned on it. This truly is a personalized stick.
Below:  Another Straight Shaft stick personalized with this avid hiker's nick name and triple dipped rubberized handle. 
Below:  Another Straight Shaft stick personalized to be shorter than the shoulder height for more added leverage on steeper hikes. 
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Left:  Two straight shaft sticks crafted for:

2007 Pocatello, Idaho P.O.W. - M.I.A Rally.

Back side of sticks are wood burned with:

P.O.W - M.I.A. Rally  2007

*Notice stick to the right has the Triple-Dipped Rubberized Handle*