Ret. Cpl. A. Hussey USMC 5th Recon with his straight shaft walking stick.  This stick now has over 4,500 walking miles.

18" Club w/ leather strap & rubberized tips.

Same 18" Club showing it's "J" grip handle
LCpl. W. Swanzy, USMC just back from his 2nd tour in Iraq, showing off his straight shaft hiking stick.  Welcome back - HOOORAH!
Children's multiple grip hiking/walking stick
18" Club w/ leather strap initialed "JB".
These make great gifts for truckers, RV owners, boat Captains & homeowners for added security.
Straight shaft, rubberized grip hiking stick w/ nickname "NELLO" woodburned.
First Stick ever crafted by S. Hussey for a WWII Veteran
"Battle of the Bulge - 16 DEC 1944"
Now has over 3,000 walking miles
Left: 18" "J" grip w/ wooden ball strap

Middle: 23" straight club, w/ leather strap & rubberized handle.
Back:  "11 SEPT 01"

Right:  23" straight shaft club w/ leather strap & end tip rubberized.
Jessica w/ her new multiple grip walking stick w/ leather strap & rubberized end tip.  Jessica enjoys walking Daytona Beach daily w/ her new walking stick.
Multiple grip walking/hiking stick w/ USMC emblem embedded above woodburned
"U.S. Marines
10 NOV 1775"

This stick will be used to hike the Appalachian Trail in summer 07'. 

Reverse side of stick is woodburned w/
"19 FEB 45 - IWO JIMA"
L-R: Craftsman Shawn Hussey, Maj. Gen O. Steele, USMC Ret., and Cpl. A. Hussey USMC 5th Recon Ret..  Maj. Gen. O. Steele is an avid hiker of the Sierra Nevada Mts.
Woodshop #2 during a break.
Everett, Ma.
Maj.Gen. O. Steele, USMC Ret. at Quantico, Va. CVA 66 USS AMERICA reunion.           S. Hussey w/ his dad,  Cpl. A. Hussey, USMC Ret.
18" Club:


Options: Leather strap, rubberized tips, "J" grip for added grip strength
Left: 18" Club
Right:  Cane w/ USMC emblem embedded.
"CPL USMC - 64 - 68"
This Club / Cane combo was order by a Vietnam Veteran / long haul trucker out of Tennessee.  OOORAH!

"Battle of Hue City"

Rubberized tip
Far right is S. Hussey in 1984 during an ROTC drill w/ fellow team members T.L. & D.M.
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Support the fight against Breast Cancer
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These 5 sticks were crafted for the
P.O.W. - M.I.A. Rally in Pocatello, Idaho 2007, where the traveling Vietnam War Memorial wall was on display.

*Each stick has the POW-MIA pin embedded and the back side of each stick is wood burned with:

Pocatello, Idaho 2007

These sticks were raffled off for a great cause, our Veterans of the Vietnam War.

IRAQ VETERAN STICKS along side 1950  82nd Airborne Cane. (notice Airborne insignia pin embedded above "82nd" & his service dates are wood burned on backside.)  S. Hussey donated this cane to a true American Hero.

Both Hiking Sticks were hand crafted and Donated for two Iraq Veterans.  Backside of sticks are wood burned with:


Thank You for your service MEN.

Below are the IRAQ sticks handles.
Christopher & Paige Elizabeth with their new walking sticks in Ponce Inlet, Fl.
Both canes purchased by Rolex Racing Series driver Keith Rossberg for two family members.


Fighting M.S. cane for his sister with her name woodburned on backside.


Keith's mom's cane was purchased for her protection while on her daily dog walks in Montana.  She was walking her dog and unfortunately attacked by another dog.
At 80 years of age, Keith said his mom will not give up walking daily, so he ordered her a custom cane with a bottom limb grip for added leverage,carrying comfort, and personal defense.  Backside woodburned
"Love Keith, Lori, Zach, R.J., Payton"

** Many of our photos were taken at our family owned and operated Boston Irish Cafe' in the Hilton on Daytona Beach prior to shipping / customer pickup, where sticks are also on display.  Feel free to stop by and have a great cup of coffee and speak personally with us.  

Update: Unfortunately we had to close the family business Boston Irish Cafe' July 11, 2011

** Not all of our custom orders have been photographed & displayed on this website.  Roughly 50% have been added to the site.  We do appreciate all of our customers and will make room for your photos and your story for purchasing our handcrafted sticks.