1.  Specify type of stick / club:  straight shaft, multiple grip, cane,              running stick or club "tire knocker".

2.  Specify if for child or adult..

3.  Specify size --- Hiking / Walking Stick is height from shoulder to         ground.  Cane is height from waist to ground.  Club is any length         you prefer.  Running Stick can also be any length.

4.  Using quotation marks, please specify what, if any, woodburned          letters / numbers you wish to have on your product, front and/or         backside.

5.  Specify any add ons you may wish to have.  i.e. leather hand strap,        rubberized grips and/or ends, Military Branch Emblems, "J" Grip,       etc...

Please include a phone number for us to reach you at and what time of day (eastern time) is best that we can call you.  That way we can make sure you get exactly what you wish for.  We will have a price for you when we call and at that point you can give us a shipping address, and discuss payment options. 

Email us at:

We look forward to hand crafting a masterpiece for you and/or your gift recipient.  And please, feel free to email us or call us directly with any questions you may have before placing any order.

This page was last updated: 28 November, 2011
When it comes to ORDERING your custom stick,  you can do it TWO ways:

By Phone:    386.316.5688

We would be happy to speak directly with you in order to get your custom stick as custom as possible. 
Do not hesitate to call us.
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