Multiple Grip walking / hiking sticks have 2 - 4 different top limb grips for added strength and leverage on just about any terrain.  Also, you can request  middle and or lower  limb grips for use in assisting other hikers up tougher terrain.  These added limb grips are most often ordered by serious, experience hikers, yet come in handy for all hikers.  The uniqueness of these sticks are the extra limbs for helping other trailmates.   We have yet to duplicate any of our sticks, especially the multiple grip.  

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Multiple grip walking/hiking stick w/ USMC emblem embedded above woodburned
"U.S. Marines
10 NOV 1775"

This stick will be used to hike the Appalachian Trail in summer 07'. 

Reverse side of stick is woodburned w/
"19 FEB 45 - IWO JIMA"
Left & Below:
Both pictures below illustrate the multiple grip.  Craftsman Shawn Hussey presented this stick to Major General O. Steele, USMC, (Ret.) at the
USS AMERICA CVA 66 reunion in Quantico, Va.,
along side Cpl. A. Hussey, USMC (Ret.).

Multiple Grip stick with leather wrist strap.

Children's Multiple Grip stick.

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